Wednesday, April 30, 2008


“An optimist is the human personification of spring – Susan J Bissonette”

Are you alive? Hold your nerves. Stay calm and ask yourself that are you dreaming or the shattered dream made you enigmatic. The dream that always came true or the truth itself is dream. Exploring the science beyond the sky is what you call a dream. The world where we are living, enjoying and dancing in glee is the byproduct of selfishness and individualism often offered with glamour and materialism, making us realizes that our dream came true.

This question is as old as human’s development of sciences that is this world real? What is reality, if it is something then it remains same with ages or not, then who define and regulate it. Are you talking something of god? No, then who differentiate and integrate reality. Is it the job of the powerful or the powerless, what they often try to explore in day dreams? There are some equations which became more complicated with time and the multiplied matrix of these entities is often mind-boggling. The reality of truth, life and happiness. The algebra of these three I often tried to solve but failed. Failed with a sense of dejection and irony. The dejection which never evaporated nor absorbed and irony which exist beneath and beyond myself.

Humankind of all ages has some privilege of their time. What is the freedom of our time?

Freedom of speech, expression, expansion or development? No, but the freedom of living in a dream world which has no regular expression, no symmetry, no caveat, no boundary, just a world of white darkness and joyful delusion. The question we can ask that is everyone a part of it, and then one can say that some got liberated, some are not engulfed by it, some are thrown from it and some are hopelessly dependent on it. Humans of this age are either fooled by randomness or backstabbed by their own choices. Most of them are either deprived or despised and rest of them is busy in building what they call development on the pillar of disparity, deprivation and despise.

Someone eloquently expressed his notion that Love is not the greatest glue between two people. Sex is. Sex is not only the effective glue but also most efficient market commodity. A wonderful tool of advertisement and propaganda. It seems that we are revolving or forced to revolve around two things – money & sex. Someone can ask that what the problem in it is. I can only say that the question is not of problem rather it lies in our attitude of solving the equation of truth, life and happiness. Sex with all its attribute and facets are part of every individual. There is no escape from that; either you are watching news, cricket match or just a kids cartoon. It is apparently present everywhere to excite us, entertain us, deviate us and keep us away from the truth. That truth which is not deep in the jungle or deep in the sea but which lies inside us – in the depth of ourselves in the form of soul. The soul which is either dying or crying.

There are two forces which have made us captive. The global power which has a hegemonic agenda of global dominance and corporate imperialism. Directly or indirectly we are part of them. We are so inert and so hopeless that we can not analyze the catastrophic condition nor we can fight them. The reality is gulped by the noises of growth and development and we have been blinded by the glitter and the pace of development.

Some of the great powers are always dependent on there enemies. One of the great leader of the last century profoundly spoke that we cannot live without enemy, if we don’t have one better create it. What is the purpose of creation of enemy? To implement the colonial agenda or to frame the truth. There is enormous tale of fabrication. Fabrication of history and fabrication of truth. The evil power fighting the evil world created a great misery of our time. The triumph of NeoCon became the triumph of brutality and invasion as well.

One can just gasp in awe while entering a tempting and sparkling building of any corporate office. Working in a corporate company is like a dream coming true. But is the dream coming true or we are forced to live in dreamland it self. Corporate slavery is the phenomenon of our time. It has strengthened the individualism with much stronger sense of greed and selfishness. There is endless desire; there is no turning back and no end of greed. One package after another. One company after another. People are running in madness that they can’t even understand that this road is endless and there is no end where you will catch happiness. Money can’t bring happiness but it can bring more money.

Lewis Carroll has created a wonderland only for Alice but powerful of our time has created a wonderland for everyone. We need a savior, a liberator, a fighter. But this liberator does exist? Yes, it exists as a part of our consciousness. To build this consciousness we need to integrate three entities in our differential calculus.They are

  • keep reading by increasing your spectrum and bandwidth
  • keep thinking with global eyes, and
  • keep exploring the world by traveling and by sharing the experiences of the people across the globe

This is the only liberator, only savior. Every individual should find his consciousness, to get rid of this dreamland. Dreamland full of phantasm, chaos, intrusion, deprivation, conspiracy, invasion and disparity. Justice, peace and harmony is dream but we have to make this dream a truth we need to wake up and try to realize that we are alive. I am alive. Yes, we all are alive.

Once in the dream of a night I stood
Lone in the light of a magical wood,
Soul-deep in visions that poppy-like sprang;
And spirits of Truth were the birds that sang,
And spirits of Love were the stars that glowed,
And spirits of Peace were the streams that flowed
In that magical wood in the land of sleep.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Declining Morality in Campuses

Morality of the students is a big concern in educational campuses. Their behavior, attitude and outlook all are judged by morality, and most of the time they are the only ones who are the convicted criminals of immorality in campuses. But now the story has reversed; teachers are also being eyed as immoral entity in campuses. There are several stories about the teachers teasing, molesting and beating students mercilessly.

In most of the professional campuses located in and out the city, teachers are becoming monsters for their students. The tools of attendance and internal marks are now the weapons of torture and exploitation. This tool has not only opened the door for exploitation but has also apparently created a business of malpractices in the city campuses. If you have any doubt in the subject or problem with your faculty, be careful to ask them; the result can be shortage of attendance or reduction in internal marks or more than that. Students have paid for it in the recent years, their academic year has been spoiled, and they get detained just because they argued with their faculty, no matter how good is the student in the subject.

Recently the news was in the air that a faculty strikes the answer sheet of a student and classifies it as a case of malpractice without any reason, consequently he gets zero marks. If this is the case then certainly the trusted relationship between a teacher and student will come to an end. And this end of trust will certainly lead to the opening of the door of endless confrontation.

The question is why such things happen and why is it not controlled? There are certainly various reasons for that but the most important one of them is the failure of universities in building an academic environment in campuses. Their role is mainly confined to register the student and ensure their exam papers get corrected (no matter how it is examined)

Colleges without proper infrastructure, facilities and trained faculties are just adding to student’s frustration. The university should built mechanism to control these incidents, and must create a forum where students can speak their fear, anxiety and problems. Media and educational NGO’s can also help in creating better learning environment and exposing the monster in the face of a teacher.

Musab Iqbal