Saturday, July 24, 2010

O my Love !

Why I cant sleep

From nights and nights

Am I turning into an


O my Love !

Where are you?

Come to me

Its been years

The days are


The nights are


O my Love !

Where are you?

All narrators are dead

The narration is struggling

Struggling for an expression

Expression which gives meaning

Meaning not to text

But to our own existence

O my Love !

Where are you?

Hold my hand

Or embrace me

Embrace me

Or hide me

Hide me

In your narrative

O my love !

Where are you?

Tears lost its way

Mind displaced

Spirit no more spirited

Dreams shattered

Shattered not of absence

But absence of presence

Made it noxious

O my Love !

Where are you?

Promise of

Sheeraz garden

Bosphorus bank

Taj mahal

A walk in paris

Is still alive

O my love !

O my love !

Am waiting

Waiting for that gentle touch

Which make me sane

Which deliver sense

Sense of meaning

Sense of being

Am missing that gentle touch

Touch which made me sensible

Sensible not for you

But for me

O my Love !

Where are you?

Night is passing

And soon the

Melody of azan

Will be in air

O my love

Come to me

End my anxiety

Open the chapter

The chapter

Of which

You are the first word

O my love

Where are you ?