Monday, October 27, 2008


In the time of economic regression, increasing arm race and triumph of neo-imperialist in many part of the globe. There are many undercurrents affecting our country as well. There is serious disruption, disturbance and chaos along length and breadth of this country. Exploding bombs in public places like diwali crackers, India becoming more as Police state and transformation of us into majoritarianism from liberal democracy.


Once a nation and land of many cultures and languages are turning to be hostile to each other. “Marathi” attacking Bihari. “Hindu” raping Nuns. “Muslims” planting bombs and Bodo killing assameese Muslims. What would be the future of the great nation in amidst of this? The nation which stands for integrity, proud of its democracy triumphed as a land of different cultures and languages. In fact, the only country and only nation in the history of civilization which assimilated many cultures and traditions and spread multi colours in the atmosphere.


Serious questions have aired in this country after series of events. Terrorist planting bombs, police killing people and masses loosing trust.

In the series of all events the later one is the most dangerous. Police is the instrument of state to maintain law and order. But what if it become self –governed. Police has to protect civilians and infuse sense of security in them but what if they start injecting fear.


Society and human – human interaction is based on what? Obviously Trust. And what if the society lost trust, resultantly the civil society will be more like jungle. Trust is the backbone of any civil society. And if any individual in society looses its trust in judiciary, administration and state then certainly we will plunge into land of distress and distrust. The equation of these can only produce chaos. This chaos cannot be managed nor controlled. The equation of hopelessness, injustice and state – sponsored terrorism can breed more terror.


The only ray of hope is to keep the trust alive. To build a strong civil society on the basis of trust. An environment of trust within individual is the key to fight any terror whether inside or outside. The advantages of high trust are:

          a. lower administration costs, higher institutional         reliability;

          b. large and efficient organizations;

c. a better environment

          disadvantages of low trust:

          a. corruption and trade with influences;

          b. small and inefficient organizations;

          c. more chaos

A common man can kindle the light of trust through love, awareness and resilience. Let’s rise to fight all sort of terrorism through the power of trust.

By - Syed Musab Iqbal