Tuesday, January 6, 2009




Sometime living in denial is a satisfying experience. As the abominable development around us is abstruse. The health of globe is abysmal but our self denial put us on the height of glory. What is going in Ghaza is not a new experience but the silence of every citizen of world is deeply depressing.


Oppression by the oppressed is a historical fact. The exhibition of barbarism is inevitable when someone has absolute power and freedom. Israel a terror state has put everything to display the act of power. The destruction, casualty, pain and suffering are unimaginable. It’s beyond nightmare. The unstoppable power of Israel and act of aggression shows the helplessness of the rest of the world.


But the aberrant behavior of media is more and more depressing. Instead of showing and discussing the worst humanitarian crisis, they are more concerned about ghajini and amir khan, Amitabh bachan and his family.

Media as an institution has just transformed into a corporate entertainment agency feeding the news hunger of elite and upper middle class. With no serious business at stake, they are just busy in increasing their TRP by selling anything. Anything which elite and middle class can buy. Any news and headline which can excite them.


Media in this country is playing a very negative role. Pushing the common people into denial mode. Creating a matrix for them and abetting them to get rid of reality. Media an important tool in any democratic society has failed to create an ambience of truth and trust. Failed to initiate any discourse on serious issues.


Now it’s the duty of every aware citizen of this nation to unmask the media and held them accountable in front of society. Let’s not live in abnegation. Let’s seek the truth.