Wednesday, December 21, 2011


In the winter of a sunny day
On a chariot i found my way
lost in my puzzling memory
couldn't found a word to say

While we crossed many mile
I found myself in an exile
With the chariot running fast
hence, the broken feeling pile

I asked myself that question
I use to ask again and again
what is this love? For which
dies the lover without single gain

Thus I found the bright sky
blooming with the sunlight
then asked my irking mind
what make this sky bright?

While the chariot passed
the flock of people, and
the bustling day bazaar
leaving just the helpless hand

I found the flowing river
fresh in vision,serene in flow
while the soft waves over
the river make it really grow

Then strike the question again
what make this river glow?
what mystery all they hold
while we move, the enigma flow

In the feeling of intense dejection
I watched the world in abnegation
I conquered the fever of chilling wind
but continues this journey of separation

All what is in the sky and in this earth
teaches us the eternal lesson of love
while the nature sings in musical tune
In exclusiveness lies the virtue of love

What makes love a beauty, an
endless tale; an exclusive feeling
in each others hail; till we express
shines the love without dieing

I got the meaning in this midnight
at the corner of a dead shop
left the chariot and i walked, in the
exclusive darkness without being stop

1 comment:

Taleeb bin Waquar said...

Ah Great!

So you left the chariot..I'm still on it..!